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Select Increments provides the best in audio upgrades for your Jeep CJ, YJ, or JK Wrangler and Jeep Cherokee. Select Increments offer Jeep speaker enclosures for Jeep CJ, YJ, TJ, JK Wrangler and Jeep Cherokee owners. Jeep speakers are all we do and our enclosures will solve the audio dilemma in your Jeep CJ, Wrangler or Cherokee.

Jeep Audio from Select Increments

Select Increments Centra-Pod

The Select increments Centra-Pod uses High quality 6.5" Kicker Speakers. Centra-Pod System was disigned especially for the 1955 to 1995 Jeep CJ-5, CJ-7 CJ-8 Scrambler and Wrangler YJ's.  PN 91970K65

    $169.95  Free shipping to the 48 States      click here for more info


Select Increments XJ-Pod

A simple and economical way to improve your tunes, the XJ-Pod™ will add some real depth to your current audio system by mounting seamlessly in the passenger-side rear cargo-area panel of all '84-'01 Jeep Cherokees. The XJ-Pod™ is constructed of sturdy, textured plastic and provides a neat, factory appearance without using up any cargo space! The XJ-Pod™ accepts one 8” subwoofer and boasts a sealed-chamber design that delivers tight mid and low-end audio response in .40 cubic feet of volume. A concealed wire-lead hole at the base of the pod allows for a tidy installation.   PN 72625K   

     $198.95    Free shipping to the Lower 48 States     click here for  more info

Select Increments Dash-Pods

Speakers sound best when they’re in enclosures. The result is richer mid-range and stronger, deeper bass. These Dash-Pods hold 5.25” speakers and utilize the available space in every ’97-’06 TJ Wrangler and ’04-’06 Wrangler Unlimited. If you have the 7-speaker Infinity® system that was offered beginning in 2002, you can improve on the 4” dash components and replace them with Dash-Pods holding larger 5.25”speakers. All Dash-Pods include direct-connect plugs that fit your Jeep’s factory wiring; you will receive the correct pair of plugs for your model year TJ when you order from one of our Dealers. (Both styles of plugs for ’97-’02 and ’03-’06 models are shown in some of our photos for illustration purposes). No cutting or splicing wires, no soldering, just plug’em in and you’re done.  DPW0702K5 and DPW0306K5

     $169.99   Free shipping to the lower 48 States   click here for more info

Select Increments Stealth-Pod

That’s right, take it with you! The Stealth-Pod™ is a portable subwoofer enclosure designed to fit all CJ7, CJ8, ’87-’95 YJ, ’97-’06 TJ, and all ’07 & up JK Wranglers. Special hangers suspend the Stealth-Pod™ slightly off the tailgate and rubber pads isolate the pod, thwarting any vibration. The Stealth-Pod™ swings with your tailgate, leaving the tailgate fully functional. The pod is easily removed: just open the tailgate, pull the wire plug, and lift the pod of the hangers using the handle. The rest of your audio system will continue to work as it always did and your amplifier simply sits idle until you plug the pod in again.  PN40473KL

   $455.95    Free shipping to the lower 48 States    click here for more info


Select Increments Versa-Pod

Versa-Pods™ are constructed of thick, textured plastic for durability.  Versa-Pods™ accept 4” full-range speakers of your choice*, or you can purchase them loaded with either Power Acoustik® or Kicker® 4” full-range coaxial speakers, each rated at 50 watts RMS.   Every pair of Versa-Pods™ includes self-tapping screws, wire-lead grommets, poly-fill, and installation instructions.  These pods are small enough to fit just about anywhere…not just Jeeps, but pretty much any car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, boat or UTV.  So you can move them from one vehicle to the next…money well spent.  We look at the Versa-Pods™ as more of a universal pair of speaker pods rather than being only for Jeepers (although they were created with Jeeps in mind). 
Versa-Pods™ can fit in many places in just about any vehicle

              Free shipping to the lower 48 States    click here for  more info

Select Increments Mod-Pod

Located just beneath the doors, the Mod-Pods™ throw unobstructed sound toward the driver and passenger. They sound great with the doors on and help hide road noise when the doors are off. They make use of otherwise wasted space and are designed to fit snugly against the sidewalls.  Mod Pods™ will fit Wrangler TJ, Wrangler Unlimited, YJ, CJ7 and CJ5.

                      Free shipping to the lower 48 States    click here for more info

Select Increments Sky-Pod

The Sky-Pod™ accepts most 4” speakers and throws rich sound directly at the driver and passenger, providing excellent frontal imaging in your CJ or Wrangler. The Sky-Pod™ is made of durable, thick plastic and fastens easily and securely to the windshield frame by using your vehicle’s existing footman-loop screw holes and the provided hardware.  The pod is held firmly in place with included fender washers and screws, and the footman loop is then reattached to the top of the pod for bikini top usage/fastening.    The Sky-Pod™ won’t interfere with hard or soft-tops, visors or your rear-view mirror. 

            Free shipping to the lower 48 States    click here for more info

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